We are a licensed facility & accepting CCRC for Camp, Tutoring, After School, Play programs, Educational programs and more
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Welcome to KidzCity Inc.
  • Ask us about our larger parties for children and adults,
    Ask us about our Family get together Parties,
    Great Prices and lots of fun for everyone!
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly
    8mths-2yrs with adult 3 - 13yrs 
    drop of your kids or stay with your kids
  • Tutoring at KidzCity

    Tutoring for All Grades, All Subjects

    Elementary, Middle, High School and CollegeTutoring
    Available 7 days a week
    Monday to Friday 10 am to 8:00 pm
    Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 4 pm
    subject of availability

    Private Classes One-on-One
    Starting from $30 per hour

    KidzCity's private tutoring services provides students with personal attention.
    Our goal is to provide a comfortable setting for students and teachers to teach and learn.
    All our staff are chosen with care.
    Our Teachers are credentialed professionals who take pride in their work who have dedication and experience working with students.
    Our Tutors will have correspondence with you the parent ensuring that everyone is up to date.

    KidzCity'sTutoring Services offers individual one on one classes for an hour. Some children may need 10 minute breaks to focus in the hour, or rewards and others may need to complete the hour without breaks. Every child is an individual and we work with every student and familiy individually.

    KidzCity'sTutoring Services offers small group classes (no more than 5 students) for an hour. All students in a group classes will be at the same level and the same subject.

    AfterTutoring Services Open Play is available atKidzCity's Hourly Open Play Rate.

  • Minimum School days 5 yrs - 12 yrs
    KidzCity's Minimum School Days are designed for parents who want a safe, caring, fun place for their   
       children on Minimum School Days.
    · KidzCity's goal is to provide a comfortable setting for students and teachers to teach and learn.
    · We coordinate with the local schools to provide pick up after school.
    · We work with modified schedule's from each school during the school year.
    · We will call you for the first 2 weeks to let you know that your little ones have arrived safely at KidzCity.

       Please call for rates and availability.
    · Our drivers are finger printed and checked for security.
    · We also provide full day programs when school is out on teacher prep days and holidays.

  • KidzCity is Open for After School Program & Open Play  to 6pm Before and After any of KidzCity's classes
    KidzCity offers pick up from schools to KidzCity
    For additional rates

    extended hours available on request
  • Here at KidzCity we have designed our center to assist all homeschool families of all ages.
    Homeschooled children are able to socialize and interact with other homeschooled children in order to fulfill the socializing and learning with fellow peers aspect they miss out on when being homeschooled.

    Parents of homeschooled children have access to classrooms. Computer areas in which they may conduct their daily lessons. Parents may stay with students or leave to run errands and utilize KidzCity's tutors and  staff.
    Once lessons have been conducted, the children are able to enjoy all the activities and games offered at KidzCity air hockey, ping-pong, basketball, games and more. KidzCity is available for socializing if you choose not to conduct classes at KidzCity.
    Parents can take advantage of this play time to relax and run errands as their children play in our warm, safe facility.
    KidzCity's Tutors tutor students.
    KidzCity's Staff will oversee that students are working and complete their work.
    KidzCity is open Monday - Thursday please call for hours and rates


Mon, Wed, Thur & Fri 2pm-6pm
Tue 1.30pm -6pm
Extended hours Available

No school days 8am-6pm
Extended hours Available

Sat & Sun Open for Private Parties

Mon March 30th to April 9th Open 8am- 6pm
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